Let’s talk stewardship and nutrition.  How as outdoor enthusiasts and fitness aficionados meet fuel up for our adventures while respecting the environs we frequent (forests, deserts, oceans, lakes, rivers, etc.)?  A logical step is to consider eating more locally and more sustainably.  This doesn’t mean we have to be complete loca-vores and forgo the occasional out of season fruit, but living in SoCal we have the opportunity to eat local produce practically year round!

A fantastic way to take a step toward eating locally are the farmers markets we have in the OC.  Huntington Beach has one on Tuesdays, there’s one at The Great Park on Sundays.  The vendors are pretty local (Oxnard to San Diego and generally east towards San Bernardino).  Many follow natural and organic practices, some are certified.  It’s a great way to support small businesses.
For a next step, you may consider CSA shares.  Boxes, paid for on a monthly basis, delivered right to your door each week, every other week or once per month.  These are fun because they are dealers choice, whatever’s ripe is what you get (somewhat tailored to your preferences).  Don’t like broccoli? No sweat, take it off and you’ll get a substitution.
It’s very economical and we’ve found these CSA shares to be a better deal than whole foods or trader joes, provided you use what you get!
Take a look at the local options and consider eating local to lessen the impact your food has on the areas we love.
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