Paddling at Doheny


My family and I loaded up and headed down to Doheny State beach yesterday for some fun and SUP time. Usually we hit Baby Beach in Dana Point Harbor, because its easier to SUP calm water with a 3 year old on the board. My skills are pretty limited!

But, we got a bit of a late start and didn’t make it down to Dana Point until about 11:30.

As I have mentioned before, our goals on Sunday are pretty modest:

1. Get Outside
2. Be Active
3. Have Some Fun
4. Set a Positive Example for Our Daughter
5. Don’t Get Injured

Pretty simple right? Yesterday, we hit 4 out of 5. We didn’t account for the grumpy kid factor. So, what is the plan when things go south in a hurry?

1. Distract
2. Team Work
3. Distract
4. Stay Calm
5. Execute the Escape Plan

Four of those are easy, and hopefully are second nature if you have a kid or two. Staying calm is probably theist difficult part (yesterday I was on the receiving end of a rock heaved with fantastic accuracy at my knuckles while I wasn’t looking!).

The most difficult part is cutting your losses and executing an escape plan. Really for two reasons, it’s a total bummer to only get a quick 15 minute paddle in and only two hours at the beach after packing and driving for an hour or so; and, the escape plan can be long, difficult, tedious or all three.

Luckily, as I said, we hit Doheny State Beach. Which, if you head south from the main entrance has parking literally 10 feet from the beach.

So when we hit DEFCON 5 and the melt-down was in full swing, it was quick to pack things up, get Audrey in the car and head out.

As a parent, I try to plan outings with feasible escape plans that don’t take too long to execute. However, not every beach is as easy as Doheny. As such keep a look out for a detailed post on planning adventures in the near future. Adequate planning can definitely keep things from getting out of hand (whether you’re outdoors alone or with family and friends).

Have fun out there!

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