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I love new gear! I enjoy the whole process: internet research, testing, “visiting” it at the store, buying. I get amped up just walking into my garage to survey, organize and clean/pack gear when we’re getting ready to go out (a good amount of this excitement is knowing that my family and I are going to go out and make memories and set a good example for my daughter). But also, I just love gear.

Let’s face it though, most of us have limited gear budgets. Being a relatively young guy with a growing family, I am no exception. In order to feed your (and my) appetite for new gear, I am hoping to point you in the direction of some great deals every Saturday. It is NOT my goal to just point you to a deal website. It’s my intent to showcase some good deals on specific equipment that you can get out and use.

One quick note: I fully believe in shopping locally, living sustainably and supporting small businesses. However, I also live in the real world where this isn’t possible all of the time (for many different reasons). So it is my goal to link to small local shops, national chains and *gasp* internet deal/wholesale websites. I know there is a sub-set of people who believe that the latter are killing local businesses, but let’s try and be rational. Unless someone wants to mail me fat stacks of cash, then I will buy only from small local shops and pay full price!

Paddle Surf Warehouse – SUPCO 14′ Race Board

This is a great deal to get into a high-performance carbon race SUP with a new paddle. They also have the 12′-6″ on sale for $100 less (also includes paddle). Why is this a good deal? It is about $600 less than the original price and the paddle saves you another $200-300. Plus, the Rojas board is sweet looking. Also PSW and SUPCO are local OC businesses.

Rock n Road Monster Sale

Rock n Road, with four Orange County locations, is currently running its Monster Sale. There are some sweet deals to be had AND the sale runs until LABOR DAY (plenty of time to save your pennies. Get 20% off helmets, shoes and apparel or score yourself a Monster Deal on a new bike.

Go out and help the economy recover.

Have fun out there.

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