Gear Up! (Week of 8/11/13)

Kaenon Calais Sunglasses


If you’re a woman (or super-fab guy) pick up these glasses for yourself from Department of Goods for 50% off. If you’re just an average joe, score these for your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter…whoever. Department of Goods is a “members” website (so you have to give them your email though; based on my experience the screaming deals are well worth it.)

Why these glasses? Look at them. Also, Kaenon sunglasses are designed in Newport Beach and are one of he few brands not owned by the Luxxotica conglomerate. Their polarized lenses are world glass great for riding, paddling or sipping ‘Rita’s by the pool. Not into this style? Check out Kaenon’s other shades here. My wife has been rocking Kaenons since we first got into Stand Up Paddling (she bought them at the Battle of the Paddle. Loves them.

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Gear Up!

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