If you are a “fun” runner, Disney runs are like mecca. For those of you who clock every run, and try to PR every race, Disney runs may not be your thing, unless you have kids, or just really love Disney. But for the rest of the recreational running world, nothing beats a Disney run. I mean … come on! It’s Disneyland, Disney world and Epcot!!

These runs usually sell out in a few weeks, especially the Disneyland half marathon, and Disney world Princess Half Marathon. I have run them for 4 years, and while the hefty price tag of $185 is hard to swallow, you forget all of that on race day. As everything that Disney does it is done with excellence. The packet pick up and expo have something for the entire family runners and non runners a-like. If you have kids, take them with you to the expo, they will get so pumped and then they will feel super excited to meet you at the finish line for your race!

I think one of the most fun things is to see all the costumes and how runners get creative with their running gear turned dress up clothes. Truly people get SOOO creative.

Check some of them out here


When training clients I always encourage them to do this as a 10k race. It is so full of fun that the run feels so easy and flies by! There are characters along the route, stop and take pics with them if you can! Bands playing, cheerleaders cheering, and so many people! The half marathon last September  I think maybe a total of 1 mile there was nothing to see or hear, it is so much fun, and I look forward to it every year.

Go check out the site, and mark your calendars for an amazing experience! there is still room in the January 18, 2013 Tinkerbell 10k!

Not sure where to begin your training? They have partnered up with elite running coach Jeff Galoway to give you a program right for your fitness level

Happy running friends!

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Paddling at Doheny


My family and I loaded up and headed down to Doheny State beach yesterday for some fun and SUP time. Usually we hit Baby Beach in Dana Point Harbor, because its easier to SUP calm water with a 3 year old on the board. My skills are pretty limited!

But, we got a bit of a late start and didn’t make it down to Dana Point until about 11:30.

As I have mentioned before, our goals on Sunday are pretty modest:

1. Get Outside
2. Be Active
3. Have Some Fun
4. Set a Positive Example for Our Daughter
5. Don’t Get Injured

Pretty simple right? Yesterday, we hit 4 out of 5. We didn’t account for the grumpy kid factor. So, what is the plan when things go south in a hurry?

1. Distract
2. Team Work
3. Distract
4. Stay Calm
5. Execute the Escape Plan

Four of those are easy, and hopefully are second nature if you have a kid or two. Staying calm is probably theist difficult part (yesterday I was on the receiving end of a rock heaved with fantastic accuracy at my knuckles while I wasn’t looking!).

The most difficult part is cutting your losses and executing an escape plan. Really for two reasons, it’s a total bummer to only get a quick 15 minute paddle in and only two hours at the beach after packing and driving for an hour or so; and, the escape plan can be long, difficult, tedious or all three.

Luckily, as I said, we hit Doheny State Beach. Which, if you head south from the main entrance has parking literally 10 feet from the beach.

So when we hit DEFCON 5 and the melt-down was in full swing, it was quick to pack things up, get Audrey in the car and head out.

As a parent, I try to plan outings with feasible escape plans that don’t take too long to execute. However, not every beach is as easy as Doheny. As such keep a look out for a detailed post on planning adventures in the near future. Adequate planning can definitely keep things from getting out of hand (whether you’re outdoors alone or with family and friends).

Have fun out there!

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Gear Up!

I love new gear! I enjoy the whole process: internet research, testing, “visiting” it at the store, buying. I get amped up just walking into my garage to survey, organize and clean/pack gear when we’re getting ready to go out (a good amount of this excitement is knowing that my family and I are going to go out and make memories and set a good example for my daughter). But also, I just love gear.

Let’s face it though, most of us have limited gear budgets. Being a relatively young guy with a growing family, I am no exception. In order to feed your (and my) appetite for new gear, I am hoping to point you in the direction of some great deals every Saturday. It is NOT my goal to just point you to a deal website. It’s my intent to showcase some good deals on specific equipment that you can get out and use.

One quick note: I fully believe in shopping locally, living sustainably and supporting small businesses. However, I also live in the real world where this isn’t possible all of the time (for many different reasons). So it is my goal to link to small local shops, national chains and *gasp* internet deal/wholesale websites. I know there is a sub-set of people who believe that the latter are killing local businesses, but let’s try and be rational. Unless someone wants to mail me fat stacks of cash, then I will buy only from small local shops and pay full price!

Paddle Surf Warehouse – SUPCO 14′ Race Board

This is a great deal to get into a high-performance carbon race SUP with a new paddle. They also have the 12′-6″ on sale for $100 less (also includes paddle). Why is this a good deal? It is about $600 less than the original price and the paddle saves you another $200-300. Plus, the Rojas board is sweet looking. Also PSW and SUPCO are local OC businesses.

Rock n Road Monster Sale

Rock n Road, with four Orange County locations, is currently running its Monster Sale. There are some sweet deals to be had AND the sale runs until LABOR DAY (plenty of time to save your pennies. Get 20% off helmets, shoes and apparel or score yourself a Monster Deal on a new bike.

Go out and help the economy recover.

Have fun out there.

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Fitness Friday – Mobility Work

Disclaimer: It’s not my goal to regurgitate everything I read in books and on the internet. Additionally, I am not a physical therapist, kinesiologist or personal trainer. What I post here on Fitness Fridays is intended to be informational and based on what I do in my normal fitness routine and daily life. You may want to try it to see if it fits your active outdoor lifestyle, or you may not. All links here are sites and information I regularly read and think critically about. I encourage you to do the same.

Most of us live fairly sedentary life’s (even the most active among us). Compared to even 50 years ago, we sit more in daily life. Check out this info graphic, put together by


We could talk for ever about the issues with sitting all day and many have. (See this discussion at Mark’s Daily Apple)

But this post is more about how to deal with the side affects associated with sitting and how to deal with it so it doesn’t hinder our fitness goals, functional life and overall mobility! It is especially pertinent to me as, although I have a stand-up desk, I also spend a lot of time in the car going to Client meetings and offices around Los Angeles (this week I spent over 12 hours in the car!).

So what are some (meaning my) typical symptoms from sitting?

1. Tight Lower Back
2. Thoracic spine impairment/loss of mobility
3. Weekend/elongated hamstrings
4. Tight Ankles/Reduced Ankle Mobility
5. Stiff neck/Shoulder hunching

So, what are some options for addressing these issues? Strength and conditioning definitely helps (overall fitness can counteract some of these issues) but I have found the following mobility exercises to be really helpful in addressing the, head on:

1. Ball Work for the Lower Back (You will probably see me link to Kelly Starrett a lot, he knows his stuff AND gives a lot away for free!)
2. thoracic Spine Extension (My favorite foam roller is TPT’s The Grid)
3. Glute Ham Bridge (double points for this video being shot at CU-Boulder Go Buffs!)
4. Unglue Your Sticks (again KStarr – check out his book)
5. PVC Dislocates (not only for Crossfitters!)

Hope you find these exercises useful. We’ll talk more mobility in the future.

Please note, I have no affiliation or financial incentive to link to the sites and products above (although I’d gladly take some!). These are things I use daily to keep myself in shape.

I would; however, like to take a second to plug a friend and affiliate of this blog – Natalie at Pure. She has been helping me with shoulder and lat mobility issues…it hurts so good!

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Over The Hump Race Series


As weekend warriors we’re accustomed to stacking up our weekends with races, activities and recovery. Maybe, though, we should consider some mid-week excitement to balance things out.

The Over The Hump race series brings mid-week mountain bike racing to Orange County. Races are held on Tuesday evenings. If you have a little bit of flexibility (or can sneak out the back door without the boss noticing), it may be time to head up to Irvine Lake. The series is half over, but there’s plenty of racing left. Below is a list of the remaining races and the sponsor shops (stay tuned for my upcoming bike shop review tour!).

Tuesday, August 6 Two Wheels One Planet
Tuesday, August 13 The Path Bike Shop Family Night
Tuesday, August 20 JAX Bicycle Center
Tuesday, August 27 Rock N’ Road Cyclery Season Finale

The schedule for race nights is as follows:

4:00pm Gates open- registration
4:30pm Preride course open (must have number plate first)
5:00-8:00pm Baja Fresh Dinner (available for your purchase, bring cash)
5:30pm Pre-riding closed
5:30pm Kid’s Race
5:45pm Stage at start (all categories)
6:00pm Race start (Stage start in waves, by category & class)

Results are posted shortly after last racer finishes

I plan to attend the August 6th race as a spectator, so expect a race recap with plenty of pictures. If I can wrangle up an XC Bike, I’ll try my luck at the August 13th race.

Registration is only $25.00, a pretty sweet deal!

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