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Summer is a fantastic time to kick your blender into high gear for some green and delicious smoothies!  Smoothies are a great way to pack vitamins and minerals into a very palatable format (for you, your kids or significant other).  For me, smoothies are better when they are high in greens and veggies, with enough fruit to provide good flavor.  It can be really easy to over do the fruit and knock yourself into a sugar coma…  Here are some items to consider before you blend:

The key to making a delicious green smoothie is the fresh [organic] ingredients!  As we roll into spring and summer fresh veggies and greens should be readily available at the supermarket, farmers market or in a CSA Box.  I try to use a variety for my smoothies – my two favorites are kale and spinach.  There are so many varieties of kale and chard it’s easy to keep mixing things up.
I try to stay at a 2:1 veggie to fruit ratio to make sure I’m getting plenty of vitamins and limiting sugar.  The use of tropical fruit, such as mango and pineapple allows for good flavor without too much fruit required.  Fruits like pears and apples are great for their fiber content, but can easily be overwhelmed.  So it is best to use these as a minor addition to the fruits for flavor.  Something many people forget is that carrots are a “sweet” veggie, and can assist in livening up a green smoothie.
Bananas are a fantastic base fruit as they allow for a creamier texture.  Also, try some raspberries, blueberries and strawberries when they are in season (or bagged in the freezer section).
For liquid I tend to stick to coconut milk or almond milk, to get a strong dose of healthy fats and to avoid soy milk.  With so much soy creeping into the American diet, I figure I can do without adding more (this is especially true for men unless you are into moobs and have no problem with him wearing a “bro”).
Need some extra protein?  You could go with an organic whey protein or egg protein mix.  But you vegans should consider nut butter (I prefer fresh ground almond butter).
Get creative, there are endless combinations to experiment with! Don’t forget yummy additions such as Chia seeds, hemp, flax, and nuts.
Happy blending!

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