Hello! I am the newest blogger for OC Outdoor Fitness. You have heard about me before, I am married to Kristin. I want to give you a brief introduction to who I am and what you can expect from me.

I am sneaking up on 30, father of one (soon to be two) and a black lab owner. I love cycling, stand up paddling, swimming, mountain biking, rock climbing, running (sort of) and hiking. I am always up for an adventure and enjoy the occasional epic.

I will be blogging about upcoming events, providing race reports, product reviews, trail reviews and information on forth-coming OC Outdoor Fitness meet ups. I will also be providing you a look at my life outdoors and how I train for the adventure. You see me struggle, be lazy, re-dedicate and crank out some pretty fun outings. You’ll also get to watch me balance family, work and fitness.

My goal is to make this an active online community where we can put our fitness and love of the outdoors to use. I am hoping this will be more than a place for information and serve as a way for outdoor fitness enthusiasts in Orange County to meet and make lasting friendships.

I will also be tweeting from @Andy_OCOF

Let’s see where this takes us!

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A few weeks ago my friend Lindsay posted asking about everyone’s bucket list. I have been slowly ticking off my bucket list for 4 years. But it got me to thinking how can I, everyday, in a local way expand my horizons and experience new things? So I started a list of the top 25 places I wanted to run in Southern California. This morning I checked off one of them. A nice run around Balboa Island!

If you aren’t familiar with balboa island it is quite the treasure in Newport beach a small wealthy island paradise home to many but vacation home to many more of Hollywoods elites.

The island is about 2.6 miles around. If you stay on the north front road it will it take you on a nice flat loop. Here are some of the treasures I encountered. Btw I ran 2 loops and it was about 3.3 miles .


This view is I think why this is such a popular run .


And then of course what’s an island without a dinosaur?


And lady liberty…


And the fun zone across the water



And this awesome sand castle


And looky here! On an island full of USC alum… OREGON representing… Our intern Derrick will be sooo happy!


Done with the run… Hmmmmm should I get a famous “dads” donut???


Of course!!! This is called balanced living!!


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